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Police unions have too much power. It’s time to hold them accountable.

Phoenix, AZ

Police Officers Contract

Expires: Jul 1 2021

Even after a contract expires, it usually remains in effect until a new contract is negotiated.

How often the police department rehires bad cops: 41%

Contact Mayor Kate Gallego to change this contract.

This contract:

  1. Erases misconduct records
  2. Restricts / Delays Interrogations
  3. Gives officers unfair access to information
  4. Disqualifies Complaints
  5. Requires City Pay for Misconduct
  6. Limits Oversight / Discipline
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We believe:
  • Communities should be able to file anonymous complaints about the actions of police officers and these complaints should not have a statute of limitations on them.
  • Police union contracts create arbitrary and narrow investigatory timelines that lead to discipline being overturned or impossible to implement.
  • Less than 10% of complaints against officers are sustained — this is because of the process being cumbersome or impossible , not because officers are not engaged in misconduct.
Elected officials should:
  • Ensure that the final decision-maker about all disciplinary decisions is someone directly accountable to the public.
  • Remove any clause that prevents accountability and transparency.
  • Stop accepting any funds from police unions.