Police unions have too much power. It’s time to hold them accountable.

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Find elected officials that have accepted campaign contributions from PACs funded by law enforcement. Use the dropdown menus to filter.

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See a list of elected officials on the right. The menu will display names based on the map view and sort them by the amount of money accepted (high to low).

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Contact current elected officials via email, phone, or Twitter.

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Click Email All to open our email form and tell the elected officials you added to your Email List that you want police money out of politics.

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Politicians Who've Accepted Money From
Law Enforcement (2015 - 2021)

Use the map below to find your elected officials and tell them to stop accepting law enforcement money

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No data here.
This could be because:
  • Our definition of “cop money” is limited. We only count money that comes directly from law enforcement PACs, meaning that bundlers, money facilitated through fundraisers, and money from lobbyists or other orgs that support police are not included.
  • State and local level campaign finance disclosures are reported through multiple different channels and different jurisdictions. The often low quality of the raw data, combined with differences in reporting requirements, means that some organizations or contributions may be missed.

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