Police unions have too much power. It’s time to hold them accountable.


Arkansas Police Bill of Rights

Things to remember:

  • The public supports removing these provisions that protect officers and not communities.
  • Labor unions are an important part of organizing community. But police union contracts contain items that protect their members and harm community members and community safety.
  • Police unions have stood in the way of implementing many of the changes that we fight for and deserve.

This law:

  1. Erases misconduct records
  2. Restricts / Delays Interrogations
  3. Gives officers unfair access to information
  4. Disqualifies Complaints
  5. Requires City Pay for Misconduct
  6. Limits Oversight / Discipline
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Take Action

Police Officer Bills of Rights exist to enshrine a set of protections into state law that almost guarantee that officers cannot be held accountable, and limit Mayors and other leaders from taking swift and necessary action when warranted.

Here's what to say:
  • We need to repeal this bill of rights now. There’s no need to for these protections for police officers, especially because they don’t serve to protect the public.
  • This isn’t about due process. Due process exists to ensure that officers are treated fairly. This law guarantees that officers have a level of protection in the discipline process that nearly guarantees no accountability.
  • Police unions wield too much power, already. And you, our elected officials, can change this now.

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